Attendance system without borders

- Attendance records (working hours, lunches, ..)
- Confirmation of applications (doctor, holidays, ..)
- Mobile application with location identification
- Information from all terminals and facilities in one place
- All data available online from anywhere in the world



Data acquisition

Convenient way to collect data using a terminal, computer or mobile application.

Central data collection

The system is running online, you don't need your own server.

Easy to install

Installation is quick and easy, only an internet connection is required.


The system offers a large number of settings

Effective use of precise time

Use your employees' working time efficiently with complete visibility

Online system

Complex evidence

Take advantage of a comprehensive record of lunch breaks, use of vehicles or approval of holidays with the help of email notifications

Detailed outputs

Use detailed outputs in xls or pdf formats for personnel and payroll departments or create individual reports to suit your needs


Deploying and optimizing the system for your needs will not be a concern for you.

1. We will analyze your requirements

2. We will suggest a solution

3. We provide complete deployment

4. We will deliver the system ready for use


The system has a wide range of set rules, individual access control or email notifications to events.

Terminal and RFID

The attendance terminal offers the possibility of recording attendance by means of cards or key fobs at the frequency of 13.56MHz or 125kHz.

Mobile application

Work records supplemented by selfie photo and GPS position of employee directly from iOS or Android mobile phone.

Convenient data acquisition


The terminal takes photographs when recording with cards or keys on the frequency 13.56MHz or 125kHz.

Mobilná aplikácia
Mobile application

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Evidence is supplemented by selfie photo and GPS position.

Webové rozhranie

Working in a web browser without any obstruction of the operating system.

Choose best solution for you

Don´t talk about prices, let´s talk about, what kind of benefits can our system bring you.

All about that and more over, you can communicate in person with our well experienced support.

In the end, the price will be a very nice surprise.


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